Clinker Grinding Ball Mill

As we all know, ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate product, new building material, refractory, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metals and glass ceramic industry. While, it often generates a lot of greater intensity in the working process, which is harmful for the workers and can cause a lot of other potential safety problems. Today, we will introduce several methods to reduce noise.

Firstly, control noise from the route of transmission is necessary, because it is an important and indispensable part to control the noise in the transmission routes. When install the machine, we can take the measure of shock absorption, adopt stationary sound insulation cover.

Secondly, control noise from the sound source. It is the most direct, effective and economic measure. That is why directly reduce the noise emitted by the noise source itself is a popular research trend for ball mill noise controlling.

Shanghai QMC Company introduce the advanced technology from the foreign country and try their best to tackle the big noise from ball mill. We have a lot of successful case about this. If you have any question, please contact us with no hesitate. Your any inquiries will be highly regard.

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